Bloodshed makes the Valentine's Day a “Bloody Valentine"

When a day appears as the day of happiness, suddenly turns into a completely different story. Nobody expected death on the day of love, but “Bloody Valentine” has made everyone stunned with this expected. Life has really its own pathway, indeed. That’s the one “Bloody Valentine” describes. Visit for more details.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

“Bloody Valentine” turns the Valentine's Day a nightmare

Suspense and sudden twisting in the tale is the appeal of the suspense thriller that makes the reader stuck to it from first to last page. Until the mystery id solved, until the mystery curtain is uplifted, the reader cant do much but finish the book at one go. “Bloody Valentine” by James Patterson satisfies all the criteria that make a quality thriller, and the title itself amaze the reader at the first sight. When the word Valentine is mentioned, automatically people start thinking about yet another love story on the cards. Jack Barnes and his wife Zee thought the same, but destiny had planned otherwise for them. “Bloody Valentine” is not about love or celebrating life, but about death and murder. Jack and his wife planned for a very romantic Valentine's Day celebration, but hardly they knew that a brutal murder plot is shaping behind them. The day that was expected to be full of love and joy turns out to be a moment of death, terror, and sorrow. Jack is the primary target for the killer, and the suspect elements are not one, but too many to account for. Numerous people are there in the surrounding of Jack and Zee, and except the victim Jack, nobody is outside the scanner. The police make a die-hard effort to solve this murder mystery, only by facing obstacles in every step of the progress. Numerous suspects have numerous motives, and the diversity of their motives make the job more difficult for the police. The job of solving this mystery is no lesser than a Herculean task, and perhaps this case is one of the biggest challenges faced by the Police. James Patterson, with his inimitable style of storytelling, has illustrated this murder smoothly, without altering the classical appeal of the mystery thrillers. RightBooks.In has this stupendous thriller work for its readers, and a click at will let the reader have this Arrow Publication work. RightBooks.In is the destination for quality literature, and “Bloody Valentine” is the perfect book to stud its thriller collections. 

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